What Is Sitka

Sitka exists to leave it better than we found it.

Responsibility can coexist with production.
Our goal is to inspire an accountability to nature and move towards a balance
between conservation and consumerism.
The strategy is simple: leave it (the Earth, the industry, and our community)
better than we found it.

Imagine a production system that replenishes nature.



Sitka enacts systems of giving back when we utilize the Earth's resources.
The Sitka Society for Conservation is our non-profit organization that enables us to directly fund preservation projects devoted to protecting water, land, creatures, and the wild air we breath.

We create with the intent of doing less — better.
The most sustainable garment is the one you want to wear.



Choosing local and organic food makes sense.
What's different about our quest for anything else? Sitka offers a conscious choice, and we invite all creators to adopt ethical and quality-based production.

The movement exceeds us.



Sitka nourishes a social movement.
From Sitka staff, to local makers and wilderness activists, we foster support systems for creativity, education, and change.



Sitka creates outdoor essentials that supplement (y)our connection to the wild.
That means high quality goods and an overall need for less, support for local economy and culture, reduced environmental impact and funding for preservation projects.

For creatures of the wild: those who ride, grow, protect, challenge, forage and create.
For anyone inspired by owning as little as possible. And for anyone who's touched ocean floor or mountain air and liked it.